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Our mission is to foster relationship through camaraderie among law enforcement officers of Bangladeshi Heritage. In addition, the association will be able to:

1. Help recruit more Bangladeshi American into law enforcement.

2. Assist fellow members of the service attain their professional goals and be a helping hand in time of needs.

3. Take initiatives that will bridge the gap between law enforcement and the Bangladeshi American community

Message from the President:

Bangladeshi American Police Association (BAPA) was formed in January of 2015 with hands full of NYPD members. BAPA never looked back since it’s inception. Members of the BAPA consists of New York City Police Department (NYPD) both uniform & civilians, NYS and NYC Correction Department, City University of New York (CUNY) Public Safety Officers, Nassau County Police Department (NCPD), Port Authority Police Department (PAPD), Atlantic City PD and various other Law Enforcement agencies within the United States.

Today, we have more than a thousand member, recognized by NYPD and camaraderie among our members is stronger than ever. It’s really amazing and fascinating how our members come together and extend helping hands for each other at the time of need. That’s why, I’m honored to be part of this organization not only as President, but also as a member. BAPA is unique and inimitable because there are no ranks among its members. We are BAPA, we are one family.

BAPA is making noticeable progress by closing the gap between Bangladeshi community and law enforcement agencies. Most importantly, BAPA has been doing remarkable job reaching out to our youths and recruiting more Bangladeshi women into law enforcement fields. We are twitting affordable housing informations, job openings, public safety tips, domestic violence awareness via social media. Follow us on Twitter @ and like us on Facebook @

Today, BAPA is one of the fastest growing fraternal organizations in the country because of its members team work and support from our community. I would like to thank our members and community for their unselfishness work for the betterment of BAPA. Keep up the good work, this City depends on you. As always, be safe and be aware of your surroundings.



Sujat Khan, President