Bangladeshi American Police Association — Karam Chowdhury, President
About BAPA

In the year 2015, few Bangladeshi Law Enforcement Officers collectively decided to have a family picnic and that was the start of a camaraderie that continues today.

BAPA was established in January 2015 by a handful of uniformed members of the New York City Police Department (NYPD) and was officially recognized by the NYPD as a fraternal organization in June 2017. Members of BAPA consists of both Uniform & Civilian members, NYC and NYS Correction Department, City University of New York (CUNY) Public Safety, Nassau County Police Department (NCPD), Port Authority Police Department (PAPD), and various other Law Enforcement agencies throughout the United States. Today, we have close to a thousand members and camaraderie amongst our members is stronger than ever.

The founding principle of BAPA is to share information about our collective experiences for the betterment of fellow Law Enforcement Officers in addition to building a bridge between the Bangladeshi community and Law Enforcement. 

We are forever grateful for all the founding members coming together in 2015 to establish the Association & for their contributions in BAPA’s success to this date. 


• Foster relationship through camaraderie among Law Enforcement Officers of Bangladeshi Heritage. 

• Help recruit more Bangladeshi Americans into Law Enforcement. 

• Assist fellow Members of Service to attain their professional goals and be a helping hand in times of need. 

• Take initiatives that will bridge the gap between Law Enforcement and the Bangladeshi American community.

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