Bangladeshi American Police Association — Karam Chowdhury, President
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Karam Chowdhury

Captain Karam Chowdhury has distinguished himself during his 15 years of law enforcement career. Chowdhury was born in Bangladesh and migrated to the United States in 1993 at an early age. Chowdhury knew with hard work and dedication, anyone can achieve the American dream. Chowdhury knew that being a minority would have its own challenges in school and in the career he chose. Chowdhury graduated from Newtown High School in 1998 and graduated from Brooklyn College with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in 2002. Chowdhury always had a passion for helping people and in 2005 he joined The New York City Police Department. Chowdhury as a Police officer was assigned to the 115 Precinct. 115 Precinct has a diverse neighborhood consisting of people from Hispanic and Asian origin. Chowdhury was one of the very few Bangladeshi’s serving in the NYPD in 2005. Very early on in Chowdhury’s career, he was involved in promoting his culture along with becoming the voice of underrepresented groups. Chowdhury knew that he had to get involved and attain ranks in NYPD to increase diversity. In 2013 Chowdhury was one of the very first Bangladeshi to attain the rank of Sergeant. As a Sergeant, Chowdhury patrolled the 48 Precinct. Chowdhury worked as the Desk Officer, Patrol Supervisor, Field Training Supervisor, and Special Projects Supervisor. Chowdhury was very passionate about his subordinates and he wanted to be a leader known for his honesty and integrity. Chowdhury motivated his subordinates to attain ranks by passing civil service exams or choosing the path to becoming a Detective. Chowdhury used the challenges he faced and turned it into educational knowledge for others. Chowdhury knew he had to lead by example and in 2016 he became a Lieutenant. Being a Lieutenant, Chowdhury faced many obstacles. Chowdhury noticed that even though NYPD had many minority officers, the upper NYPD Executive Management needed to be diversified. Many minority officers did not feel confident enough to pass the NYPD supervisors test and needed help. Chowdhury became involved in helping members of NYPD study and because of his hard work more than 30 officers passed the NYPD supervisory test thus achieving the rank of Sergeant. Chowdhury became a voice for diversity, and he knew that he had to become a Captain not only for himself but to pave the pathways for others. In November 2019 Chowdhury was promoted to Captain. Chowdhury was only the 3rd Bangladeshi Captain. Chowdhury is currently the Executive Officer of the 114th Precinct. Chowdhury is married to Begum Chowdhury, and they have an amazing son Sarim Chowdhury. Chowdhury continues to work hard to gap the bridge between the Community and the Police Department. Chowdhury continues to motivate others and always there to lend a helping hand. Chowdhury is very involved with the community and currently serves as the President of the Bangladeshi American Police Association.